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A Guide To Commercial Litigation Case

A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois is responsible for pursuing the interests of his or her corporate client.  He or she has the ethical responsibility to zealously represent these interests. Under this umbrella, a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois should inform his or her clients of the following information so that they are kept informed about their case through each milestone of the case:

The Length of the Case

A commercial litigation attorney should be upfront with clients about the potential length of the case. While some matters may be resolved more quickly, such as through a temporary injunction, corporate clients should know that their case may take over a year to resolve by the time that all of the pre-trial motions have been filed, discovery has been completed and a trial date is set.  Additionally, they should know about the possibility of an even longer timeline in the event of an appeal.

The Risks 

Additionally, a commercial litigation attorney should explain that he or she cannot guarantee a result. Although he or she may comment on the relative strength or weakness of the case, he or she cannot predict perfectly what the judge or jury may do.  Corporate clients should be aware of the potential risks if the case does not go their way.  They should also know that winning a judgment is only the first step in actually collecting on it.

The Alternatives

Corporate clients should understand if alternatives are available, such as negotiations, mediation or arbitration so that they know which path they want to take in the case.