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Handling Condo Association Disputes Through Mediation

While condo association disputes in Cook County can be disruptive to the living environment, there are often more effective ways to handle such disputes.  In particular, mediation can provide a reasonable solution to condo association disputes in Cook County.

There are tremendous benefits to using mediation to help resolve claims of this nature.  One such benefit is the ability to save time and resources.  Mediation can be planned in weeks or months while litigation often takes years to conclude.  Additionally, time spent during mediation is not wasted by having to explain every aspect of condo law.  The parties can choose a mediator who is familiar with this area of the law so that the mediator can bypass this learning curve and focus instead on addressing the needs of the parties.

Another important benefit of using a mediator who has special knowledge in condo law is that the mediator often has ideas about how a particular dispute may be handled in a creative way.  The mediator’s job is not to impose a decision on the participants.  Instead, he or she is focused on helping the parties reach creative compromises that can once and for all end the dispute.  Mediation focuses on cooperation so that the parties can maintain a positive relationship after resolving the legal dispute.