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Importance of Commercial Litigation in Chicago

One thing that a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois wants clients to be crystal clear on is the true cost of litigation.  Many clients are unaware of the financial aspect of litigation.  However, a commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois can also explain the non-monetary costs of litigation.


When commercial litigation is looming, morale can be affected.  If an employee is sued, others may fear the employer.  If a business relationship is lost, more uncertainty can follow.  Vendors and other allies of the business may feel trepidation due to litigation, which can ultimately affect the financial outlook of the company.

Business Reputation

Another important aspect that the business should consider before entering into commercial litigation is the effect that it might have on the business’ reputation.  Litigation is public by nature, especially when it concerns a large company that has local or national recognition.  Shareholders may be apprehensive about what a negative outlook can spell for the business, potentially affecting its value.

The Principle

In some cases, an important principle is at stake.  If another company is infringing on the company’s intellectual property, the business may have to send a message that this action will not be tolerated.  Even if litigation may cost more than the infringement has caused, litigation may help deter future similar conduct from other competitors.  A lawyer can discuss the potential implications of a lawsuit and the true cost related to litigating or not litigating.