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Handle Condo Association Disputes: Over Improper Condo Maintenance

Part of the reason that people buy condos, and subject themselves to a monthly condo association fee, are that they do not want to be personally responsible for maintenance of the building they are living in or the grounds that are around it. Condo owners pay fees to make sure that the condo association handles these kinds of issues. However, sometimes the condo association does not do what they are contracted to, leading to disputes.

Many condo owners would like to avoid having to get into a condo association dispute because, ultimately, no one really wants to spend money on attorney fees to litigate or otherwise retain counsel to handle their dispute. However, when a condo association fails to provide the maintenance work as promised, the value of a condo can go down.

There can be any number of things that can cause issues for condo owner that the condo association ultimately fails to provide. Some of the most common may be the association failing to keep up the property by making repairs, failure to remove snow, failure to properly landscape or even failure to force other owners to follow condo regulations, such as noise complaints or illegal rentals.

There are times, unfortunately, where hiring an attorney may be the last remaining option if a condo association isn’t doing its job. As a result, the condo owner can protect their rights but may have to spend money to do so.