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Added Value of Having a Personal Injury Mediator in Aurora

Having a personal injury mediator in Aurora can make the difference between having a long, drawn-out court battle and having a clear agreement between the parties quickly laid out.  A personal injury mediator in Aurora adds tremendous value to the case in a number of important ways.

A mediator who is well-versed in personal injury law is uniquely qualified to give the parties to the dispute a neutral read on the case.  He or she can often offer a strong prediction on how the court would respond to the case.  By pointing out the weaknesses on both sides of the case, the mediator can get the parties to consider an amicable settlement.  Additionally, the mediator can help the parties avoid negative drawbacks of litigation.  For example, the parties can rid themselves of having to wait years for the case to be tried and possibly appealed.

Additionally, they can avoid the uncertainty that a jury trial often entails.  A jury can have a biased opinion about a case, even if all of the jurors believe that they are objective.  Because it may be easy to identify with the victim, the jury may impose its own values on him or her.  The jury may assume that the victim should have acted in another way that is far above his or her legal duty because the jury does not want to imagine that they could have suffered similar injuries.  Alternatively, the jury may be opposed to a big business simply because of this characteristic, even if the business was not actually liable.