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Roles of a Condo Disputes Attorney

A condo disputes attorney in Cook County handles a wide variety of cases involving the numerous condo establishments throughout Chicago and the Cook County area.  Legal issues may arise between condo owners, tenants, condo associations, developers and other parties.  A condo disputes attorney in Cook County serves many important roles, including:

Explanation of Rights

A condo disputes attorney can analyze the facts and circumstances revolving around the current issue.  He or she can explain the client’s rights to him, whether the client is an individual owner or part of the condo association.  By relying on a thorough understanding of Illinois condominium law, a condo disputes attorney can advise clients regarding such issues as condo liens, foreclosures, violation of bylaws or evictions.  This includes explaining the rights of a condo association to place a lien and how many days a tenant has before being evicted.

Advisement Regarding Legal Strategy

Not every legal issue has to be resolved through litigation.  In some instances, parties to a dispute may agree to sit down and talk through the issues.  In other situations, they may benefit from further intervention such as through mediation or arbitration.  In some situations, litigation may be the best course of action.  A condo disputes attorney can recommend which course of action the party should take to protect their legal interests.  If you are involved in a dispute and need legal advice, contact a Cook County condo disputes attorney.