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Reaching a Settlement With a Personal Injury Mediator in Chicago IL

As is the case with most lawsuits, personal injury claims can be costly and time consuming to resolve through the traditional court system.  Because of this, many parties involved in personal injury cases have been increasingly settling their claims out of court with the assistance of a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois.  If you have reached an impasse in your attempts to settle a personal injury claim and would rather avoid the time and expense of litigation, contact a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois to find out how personal injury mediation can help you reach a settlement agreement.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution procedure that can be used to resolve just about any type of dispute, including personal injury claims outside of the court system.  Mediation is voluntary, confidential and non-adversarial out-of-court methods of helping parties to a dispute reach a settlement agreement with the assistance of a trained mediator facilitating more productive negotiation communications.  Many personal injury mediators are attorneys experienced in negotiating settlement agreements in personal injury cases.

While mediating parties are free to hire independent legal counsel, mediation does not require the participation of attorneys.  This allows the mediating parties to cut costs by splitting the fees for hiring one mediator.  Once the parties reach a personal injury settlement agreement, it will be memorialized in writing and signed by both parties to form a binding contract.  If you are interested in resolving your personal injury case in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible, contact a local personal injury mediator for a consultation.