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Why You Should Contact a Condo Disputes Attorney in Chicago IL

Chicago condo ownership involves a type of joint ownership of real estate in which condo units are individually owned, while some elements are commonly owned by the condo association as a collective.  Condo unit owners are required to abide by condo association bylaws.  This sets the stage for condo disputes to arise, which happens more frequently than one may think.  In these instances, the assistance of a condo disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois will likely be required to resolve the issue.  If you have become involved in a condo dispute, it is in your own best interest to contact a condo disputes attorney in Chicago Illinois as soon as possible to protect your legal rights in the matter.

Condo disputes sometimes involve contractors, vendors, builders, developers, insurers, municipalities, condo unit owners, renters, the condo association itself or its management company.  Some of the most common condo disputes relate to:

  • Alleged violations of condo association bylaws by unit owners
  • Actions against condo unit owners for unpaid assessments or fines
  • Lawsuits regarding unauthorized modifications to the common elements
  • Lawsuits regarding nuisances by tenants or unit owners
  • Claims of breach of fiduciary duty against the condo association
  • Evictions and Liens

It is advisable in any dispute for the parties to attempt to reach a settlement agreement out of court.  However, in instances where negotiation attempts have stalled, legal action is then necessary.  If you are involved in a condo dispute that you have not be able to resolve, contact an experienced condo disputes attorney to find out about your legal options.