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The Key to Success: A Will County Lawsuit Mediator

Lawsuits are flooding the nation’s courts, and the courts have increasingly been taking steps to control the flood of business on their calendars. One of the popular ways the courts have been using to slow down the deluge is to order pre-trial mediation in an attempt to force two sides of a litigation to sit down and hash out a settlement before taking up the court’s time and resources.

Rather than viewing this delay, it is much better to view it as an opportunity. When you identify and bring in the right Will County lawsuit mediator with the right background and experience, what would have been a lengthy and difficult litigation can instead become a fast and efficient mediation that results in a settlement.

Benefits of Mediation

Lawsuit mediation is often a way of getting to the core of the dispute much faster, because there are fewer procedural hurdles. Instead of negotiating endlessly about non-essential aspects of the dispute, a mediator can guide both sides to the meat of the problem and resolve the primary disagreement first, which then makes resolving the other problems much easier.

It is important to remember that under a court order, you must engage in mediation, so it is to your best interests not to waste the time, but rather to come to the mediation table sincerely. The right choice of mediator will help to make the process quicker and more effective, saving everyone much time and money.