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Accessing Records for Wrongful Death Dupage County Cases

Wrongful death is one of the most devastating legal definitions in the world. The term wrongful makes it clear that the deceased should still be alive and among their loved ones, making the entire legal episode tragic.

In the past, dealing with the claims of wrongful death Dupage County sees was also a lengthy and complicated process, because it required that an estate be established with an executor before any medical records could be released. This often delayed proceedings and investigations for very long periods of time, time during which relatives and others suffered from being unable to do anything about their unnecessary loss.

Law Changes

However, in the modern day, no estate is required to have medical records released. An attorney can assist bereaved family members by advising them that records can be requested by a spouse simply by writing to the medical facility involved, or by children, parents, or siblings if no spouse survives. All that is required is that they sign a document called an ‘Authorized Relative Certification’ that states their right to these records.

This change to the law has quickened the pace of wrongful death lawsuits and investigations, allowing loved ones to get closure on the incident much more quickly and effectively. If you believe your loved one has suffered a wrongful death, contact an attorney immediately in order to quickly and decisively act to obtain records and other information that may help to support your claim.