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What Are the Damages Available in a Wrongful Death Case?

Losing a loved one in a preventable accident as a result of negligence is extremely difficult, and you may be interested in learning about filing a wrongful death lawsuit in DuPage County. If someone else’s negligence caused your loved one to die, you might be entitled to compensation under Illinois state laws. Recognizing that the death of a loved one can take a significant toll on family members, the wrongful death laws allow for several different types of compensation depending on the circumstances of your case.

There are two primary categories under which wrongful death compensation can occur: damages related to the time between the accident and when your loved one passes away, and damages related to the losses experienced by the family members after the death.

The expenses in the first category could include mental and physical pain and suffering, lost wages for the deceased individual, burial and funeral expenses, and medical expenses. When it comes to determining the damages available to the loved ones of a deceased individual, these are designed to compensate survivors for their financial losses. This includes lost wages that would have been earned by the deceased individual had he or she lived to an anticipated retirement age. While no actions can bring back your loved one, compensation can help you cope with the challenge of losing a family member and the financial losses associated with it.