Settle Your Supplier Dispute With Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Suppliers are an essential part of running your business.  Without them, you would not be able to do the best for your customers.  It is relatively common that there is only one supplier that is available to handle essential supplies for your business.  Because of this, you do not want to necessarily litigate your disputes, but rather use business mediation in Chicago IL to come up with a solution.  Bad blood between a business and a supplier can lead to losing that supplier altogether, possibly causing you great financial harm.  Because of this, consider business mediation in Chicago IL instead.... Read More

Hiring a Commercial Litigation Attorney in Chicago IL in Your Franchise Dispute

The best outcome when it comes to a franchise dispute is not to have your commercial litigation attorney in Chicago IL go running to court every time you don't agree with your franchisor.  In fact, one of the best things that you can do when you do not agree with your franchisor is to find a way to settle the matter outside the court system, which is, in fact, one of the reasons that many franchise agreements have some sort of mediation or arbitration clause. The best thing you can do in any franchise case is to maintain the relationship. ... Read More

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago IL to Stop Insurance Calls

After you have been injured due to someone else's negligence, it is likely that you are being bombarded with insurance company calls.  Many times, the insurance company will tell you that you don't have to hire a personal injury attorney in Chicago IL to assist you in settling your case and will try to convince you to handle the matter yourself.  The fact is, insurance companies aren't looking to get a fair outcome to your accident case, but rather the cheapest one they can get away with.  Often, they will try to convince you not to get a personal injury... Read More

Protect Your Rights by Hiring a Condo Disputes Attorney

Whenever there are many people living in the same building, there is the possibility of disputes between condo owners. There can be much different kind of disputes, which could cause some real issues when it comes to someone's personal enjoyment of their condo. The best thing that you can do if you are dealing with a dispute with someone in your building is to hire a condo disputes attorney in Cook County. There could be almost endless types of disputes when it comes to different condo owners. Usually, some of the most common involve noise complaints, an owner refusing to... Read More

Handle Condo Association Disputes: Over Improper Condo Maintenance

Part of the reason that people buy condos, and subject themselves to a monthly condo association fee, are that they do not want to be personally responsible for maintenance of the building they are living in or the grounds that are around it. Condo owners pay fees to make sure that the condo association handles these kinds of issues. However, sometimes the condo association does not do what they are contracted to, leading to disputes. Many condo owners would like to avoid having to get into a condo association dispute because, ultimately, no one really wants to spend money on... Read More