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The Three “Rs” of Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Business mediation in Chicago IL is an option for individuals having a business dispute who are attempting to avoid the cost, frustration and animosity associated with litigation. Participants can often maintain a relationship going forward. Business mediation in Chicago IL can be even more effective when employing the following: Respect A skilled mediator often begins mediation by explaining ground rules to the parties. This generally includes an instruction for the parties to be respectful toward one another by not interrupting, using foul language or reacting with angry outbursts. Maintaining a cordial attitude throughout the duration of mediation can often help... Read More

Surprising Benefits of Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Many business owners have heard the benefits of cost and time savings touted as a reason to participate in business mediation in Chicago Illinois.  However, there are many other benefits of business mediation in Chicago Illinois that are worth considering, including: Enhanced Communication Business mediation puts the parties in a room together with a professional trained in positive communication.  The mediator establishes ground rules of respect and gives each party the opportunity to express their side of the issue.  This often results in the parties hearing important information and understanding another perspective in a way that had not occurred previously.... Read More

Settle Your Supplier Dispute With Business Mediation in Chicago IL

Suppliers are an essential part of running your business.  Without them, you would not be able to do the best for your customers.  It is relatively common that there is only one supplier that is available to handle essential supplies for your business.  Because of this, you do not want to necessarily litigate your disputes, but rather use business mediation in Chicago IL to come up with a solution.  Bad blood between a business and a supplier can lead to losing that supplier altogether, possibly causing you great financial harm.  Because of this, consider business mediation in Chicago IL instead.... Read More