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How to Win with Family Law Mediation in Chicago IL

In most court cases, there is a winner and a loser. However, it is possible when using family law mediation in Chicago Illinois for everyone to win, including the parents and the children.  In family law mediation in Chicago Illinois, a win/win solution is possible when the following steps are pursued.

Redefine Winning

It is easy in a court case to determine what is winning or what is losing because the judge rules in favor of the winning party.  However, in mediation, the definition of winning can often be expanded. For example, by considering factors that are important to the parents and finding ways to meet their interests, both parties have the ability to win in this situation.  For example, maintaining a positive relationship with the children and having better communication as co-parents are ways that everyone wins.

Exploring New Options

Another way to come out ahead in mediation is to consider new options.  Rather than thinking of sole custody or joint custody, parents can structure a parenting plan that includes unique provisions that will help their particular family.  In this manner a settlement goes well beyond the initial bounds of early settlement negotiations.  Instead, the parties can help customize an agreement that best serves the interests of their family without having to give into important issues.  By trying new ways to reach an agreement, the parties and their children can win.