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Explore Options with a Personal Injury Mediator in Chicago IL

Using a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois can often be the fastest and most affordable way to resolve a case.  He or she can explain the benefits of this process.  The ultimate goal of using a personal injury mediator in Chicago Illinois is to find a solution to a legal issue and to make plans for the future.

Although a personal injury plaintiff may not have to pay on fees immediately due to entering into a contingency agreement with his or her legal representative, the costs associated with litigation can quickly add up.  Costs such as filing fees, deposition fees, fees to hire expert witnesses and other fees may be passed along to the victim, making his or her eventual settlement or jury award much less.  The defense will similarly pay more in fees, often charged by the hour.  If a resolution can be reached in mediation, both parties stand to save money during the process.

Mediation is a completely voluntary process; neither party can be forced to participate in it.  If the parties decide to participate, they also retain the ability to decide whether or not to ultimately settle their case.  This lets them keep the power during the process instead of leaving the outcome of the case to a judge or jury.  A mediator is specially trained in conflict resolution skills and uses special techniques to help the parties approach a mutually agreeable solution.