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Why Do You Need A Commercial Litigation Attorney

When business owners and others are embroiled in a dispute, the most well-known option to resolve the dispute is through litigation.  A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois helps his or her client through the court proceedings in order to seek an award by a judge or jury.  A commercial litigation attorney in Chicago Illinois prepares a case for trial even if it does not make its way all the way there.

The parties are free to settle their case before the trial or even during it.  In fact, most cases do settle outside of court.  However, the work that a litigation attorney does before court can better position the client for a favorable settlement.  Through an extensive discovery process, the litigation attorney can get information about the contract, the legal arguments that support the case, the facts that support the case, the evidence that the other side intends to present and the defenses that the other side plans to assert.

If the case proceeds to trial, the litigation attorney calls witnesses and presents evidence to support the client’s side of the case.  This requires a close following of evidentiary and procedural rules.