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Four Things Your Business Disputes Lawyer in Aurora Needs to Know

Business relationships are built on contracts.  A well-written and thoughtfully-worded contract can both protect and energize a business partnership, allowing each partner to benefit from the agreement as agreed.  The sacredness of the contract means that when someone feels they need a business disputes lawyer in Aurora to settle a contract dispute, it is often a shocking and surprising event, especially if the breach of contract is imagined to be purposeful, and immediate satisfaction is not offered.

The Four Pieces

When you contact a business disputes lawyer in Aurora concerning a claim of breach of contract between you and a business partner, they will need four basic pieces of information from you in order to begin working on the case.  Before you proceed, gather the following information:

  • The violation date.  You must have specific information of the specific moment that the breach occurred, with supporting documentation if possible.
  • Contract clause.  Be able to provide the specific clause you know to have been breached – do not expect your attorney to ‘find’ a breach.
  • Reason for dispute.  It is not enough to simply show some evidence of an action, you must be able to explain why it constitutes a breach of the contract.
  • Expected Compensation.  Have a specific figure in mind before initiating proceedings with your business disputes lawyer in Aurora.  Be able to justify your number.

Contractual language must be precise – and so must claims of breach.