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Protect Your Rights by Hiring a Condo Disputes Attorney

Whenever there are many people living in the same building, there is the possibility of disputes between condo owners. There can be much different kind of disputes, which could cause some real issues when it comes to someone's personal enjoyment of their condo. The best thing that you can do if you are dealing with a dispute with someone in your building is to hire a condo disputes attorney in Cook County. There could be almost endless types of disputes when it comes to different condo owners. Usually, some of the most common involve noise complaints, an owner refusing to... Read More

Handle Condo Association Disputes: Over Improper Condo Maintenance

Part of the reason that people buy condos, and subject themselves to a monthly condo association fee, are that they do not want to be personally responsible for maintenance of the building they are living in or the grounds that are around it. Condo owners pay fees to make sure that the condo association handles these kinds of issues. However, sometimes the condo association does not do what they are contracted to, leading to disputes. Many condo owners would like to avoid having to get into a condo association dispute because, ultimately, no one really wants to spend money on... Read More

Noise Complaint Chicago: Condo Disputes

Urban living comes with plenty of advantages, such as access to culture, as well as frustrations. Condominiums are, by their very nature, tightly packed living spaces, and whenever people are thrust together they will come into conflict. Most of these conflicts are resolved with a polite conversation. Sometimes, however, no one feels they are truly at fault and resolving these conflicts can require litigation and the assistance of an experienced condo disputes attorney in Cook County. Noise and Condo Life Noise is part of city living: Sirens in the distance, refuse trucks collecting trash, people walking home from a nightcap.... Read More

HOA vs. Property Owners Association

A condo association or homeowner’s association (HOA) can, like any governing body, be a positive force in the lives of the property owners it represents, or a negative one. The Internet is filled with horror stories from owners who have seen poorly-run condo boards or HOAs make their lives miserable with the creation and enforcement of petty rules, but of course many people create their own condo association disputes in Cook County by not actually reading the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R) they signed when purchasing the property. When you sign a CC&R, you are agreeing to abide by the... Read More

What You Need to Know about Condo Association Disputes and Small Claims Court

Unfortunately, the dispute between a condo owner and the condo association can quickly grow out of control, leading both parties to end up in small claims court. The most common reasons for these disputes to enter small claims court are allegations that a member has not paid his or her dues, assessments, or fees. This is especially true when there are special fees assessed to pay for the upkeep of common areas. For the most part, condo owners have very little defense regarding the failure to pay these charges assessed by the condo association. These are obligations that the owner... Read More