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An Aurora Personal Injury Mediator Has Their Work Cut Out for Them with School Bus Injuries

In some circumstances, personal injury cases may seem fairly straightforward: There is one plaintiff, one defendant, and the injury and its consequences is very discrete and contained, easily imagined and the negative effects easily envisioned.  For an Aurora personal injury mediator, such cases may be relatively easy to bring to a satisfactory and mutually-acceptable resolution to the claim. School bus Complications For several reasons, any personal injury claim stemming from a school bus accident typically represents a challenge for an Aurora personal injury mediator: Accidents involving school buses often involve more than two vehicles total, making determinations of fault and... Read More

Auto Accident Cases Requiring an Aurora Personal Injury Mediator

There are many reasons why drivers involved in accidents and who suffer injuries may wish to pursue meditation as an alternative means of dispute resolution in the state of Illinios. Without the help of a qualified Aurora personal injury mediator however, it is doubtful that at fair and equitable solution will be reached. The circumstances that lead to such situations can be as varied as the intricacies of the case but often stem from the fact that Illinois is a fault insurance state, something that can drag out or complicate the discovery process. Illinois as a “Fault” Car Insurance State... Read More

Tactics and Strategies of a Personal Injury Mediator in Aurora, IL

Cases involving personal injury can include more than just physical hurt. Psychological distress can compound the situation and when a matter goes to mediation, emotions can run high. A qualified and experienced personal injury mediator in Aurora, IL or elsewhere will be able to facilitate the negotiations and direct the parties involved to a mutually beneficial solution. Creative Settlement Solutions Before a mediator can even hope to settle the situation, a considerable amount of premeditation preparation must take place. Once the facts have been reviewed and the needs of each party are identified the mediator can then determine the best... Read More